2018 CSC and TVL Field Hockey All-Stars Unveiled

Posted on Nov 29 2018 - 10:46am by Jeff Pexton

Syracuse – Section III was the home of some pretty amazing High School Field Hockey this past fall and that success has translated into numerous local players being selected to a variety of All-Star Teams.

At the All-State level, the Camden Blue Devils, winners of the 2018 Class C Section III Championship  led the way locally with three selections: senior midfielders Mercedes Currie and Delaney Alberico, along with sophomore attack Mackenzie Mix.  Currie, Alberico and Mix also joined their teammate, junior / defense Delaney Hebble on the Section 3 All-Star Team.  Currie, Mix and Alberico combined for 69 goals for the Blue Devils in 2018.


Camden’s Mercedes Currie. (MYSR File Photo By – Jeff Pexton – Perfect Game Imaging)


The Section III, Class B Champion Holland Patent Golden Knights landed two players on the All-State team. Sophomore forward Hanna Corrigan and senior forward Natasia Plunkett made the grade.  Senior defense Chloe Williams was named to the Section III All-Stars, along with Corrigan and Plunkett.


Holland Patent’s Natasia Plunkett (8).   MYSR File Photo – Jeff Pexton – Perfect Game Imaging


The Sauquoit Valley Indians, who took home the Section III, Class D Championship Banner this past season, had one player receive All-State and Section III accolades, senior midfielder Maryann Lewandrowski. Indians senior forward Emily LaSalle was named to the Section III All-Star team.


Maryann Lewandroski (Center)  MYSR File Photo – Jeff Pexton Perfect Game Imaging


Clinton Warriors sophomore forward Gianna Trunfio, who became her school’s all-time leading scorer in 2018 and led all of Section III in scoring, was named to the All-State and Section III All-Star team. Clinton senior forward Kacie Simzer was named a Section III All-Stars.


Clinton’s Gianna Trunfio . MYSR File Photo – Jeff Pexton – Perfect Game Imaging


Little Falls freshman Allyson Nichols was named to the Section III All-Star team, along with Morrisville-Eaton’s senior goal keeper Taylor Manwarren .


In conjunction with the announcement of the Section III and All-State Field Hockey teams, the Center State Conferences and Tri-Valley League announced their respective all-star teams, which are listed below:


TVL All-Stars:



#5              Mercedes Currie (Camden)         12th    Mid

#2              Delaney Alberico (Camden)        12Th   Att

#6              Mackenzie Mix (Camden)            10th   Att

#4              Delainey Hebble (Camden)         11th   Def


#2              Hailey Millington (RFA)               11th   Att

#11            Jace Hunzinger (RFA)                   10th   Att

#15            Kaitlyn Mastracco (RFA)             12th   Mid/Def


#00            Jessica Mahardy (Wboro)            11th   Goalie

#19            Samantha DeCondo (Wboro)     12th   Mid


#4              Shelby Freeman (VVS)                 12th    Def

#11            Lindsey Foster  (VVS)                  12th   Def


#81            Rebekah Stolo (NH)                      12th Goalie

#4              Olivia Cuchiarale (NH)                 11th   Mid


#77            Mikayla Comes (CVA)                  12th   Goalie


#96            Reiley White (Oneida)                 12th    Goalie



#88            Kelsey Barbato (Camden)           12th   Goalie

#3              Abby Walker (Camden)               12th   Att/Def

#10            Jaden Scott (Camden)                  11th   Def

#9              Lily Sullivan (Camden)                12th   Att

#10            Isabelle Matt (RFA)                       11th   Def/Mid

#8              Anastacia Wells (RFA)                 11th   Def

#4              Anna Nardslico (RFA)                  12th   Att

#12            Kaiden Steele (Wboro)                11th   Mid

#13            Morgan Misiaszek (Wboro)        10th   Mid

#21            Nicolina Castronovo (VVS)         11th             Mid

#19            Natalie Estrella (VVS)                  12th   Def

#20            Erica Sheaffer (NH)                      12th   Att

#15            Sarah Mineo (NH)                         12th   Def

#5              Brooke Newton (CVA)                 12th   Mid

#4              Melina Ball (Oneida)                    12th   Att



#16            Brianna Kelley (RFA)                             12th             Def

#16            Rachele Hajdasz (Wboro)           12th             Def

#18            Micheala Johnson (VVS)              12th             Att

#23            Alivia DeLuke (NH)                                          Def

#3              Courtaney Lampert (NH)            11th             Att

#19            Sam Smith (NH)                                      10th             Mid

#7              Maia Herring (NH)                        10th             Mid

#4              Erin Jackson (CVA)                       12th             Mid

#6              Angelina Aceto (CVA)                            12th             Mid

#13            Julia Yardley (CVA)                       12th             Def

#20            Courtney Schneider (Oneida)     12th             Mid





CSC-East Field Hockey 2018 All Star Teams


First Team All Stars

Hanna Corrigan-Holland Patent

Justine Draper-Holland Patent

Natasha Plunkett-Holland Patent

Chloe Williams-Holland Patent

Roxee Hughes-Clinton

Kacie Simzer-Clinton

Gianna Trunfio-Clinton

Morgan Slabe- Little Falls

Erin Manley- Little Falls

Allyson Nichols-Little Falls

Katie Gates-Mount Markham

Gabby Lewosko-Mount Markham

Karlie Helmer-Herkimer


Second Team All-Stars

Madeline Acevedo-Holland Patent

Ella Buchanan-Holland Patent

Anna Healey-Holland Patent

Kylee Wojciechowski-Holland Patent

Sadie Phillips-Clinton

Kate Stockwell-Clinton

Alexis Trunfio-Clinton

Erin Manley-Little Falls

Candice Sabatino-Little Falls

Anna Sadekoski-Little Falls

Carly Curtis-Mount Markham

Emily McClare-Mount Markham

Selena Reinhardt-Herkimer

Taylor Smith-Herkimer


Honorable Mention

Emily Boulerice-Holland Patent

Julia Chicchinelli-Clinton

Miranda Hubbell-Little Falls

Lindsey Slaboc-Little Falls

Kaitlynn Ovitt-Herkimer



Field Hockey CSC WEST All-Stars






First team:

Leanne Hannan, goalkeeper, 12th

Julia Vaccaro, midfield, 12th

Loryn Wilcox, forward, 12th

Jessica Evans, forward, 10th


Second Team:

Kara Hyde, defense, 12th

Rebecca Popple, midfield, 11th

Hayley Patane, defense, 11th

Carly Cashel, defense, 11th


Honorable Mention: Mia Diveronica, fwd, 9th


Sherburne- Earlville

League: 5-3

Overall: 7-9-1


First Team:

Savanna Niles, midfield, 12th

Brooke Smith, defense, 12th

Natalie Stewart, midfield, 12th


Second team:

Jade Dimanond, goalkeeper, 12th

Sarah Rodman, defense, 11th


Honorable Mention:

Alison Smith, forward, 10th


New York Mills:




First team:

McKenzie Keator, Midfield, 12th

Karilynn Tramacera, Midfield, 12th


Second team:

Bri Taylor, Goalie,11th

Angela Chen, Forward, 12th





First team:

Maryann Lewandrowski, Midfield, 12th

Emily LaSalle, Forward, 12th

Kylie Meirek, Defense, 12th


Second Team:

Abby Stanimer, Midfield, 11th

Jayna Inglis, Midfield, 12th

Madison McKenney, 11th


Honorable Mention:

Lilly Collins, Defense, 12th


Morrisville Eaton

League: 3-4-1



First Team:

Morgan Phillips, midfield, 12th

Taylor Manwarren, goalkeeper, 12th


Second Team:

McKenzie Newton, midfield, 10th

Lily Orth, forward, 11th


Honorable Mention:

Kady Warner, forward, 12th

Jordyn Younglove, defense, 12th