Chris Moran Embodies The Spirit of Volunteerism In Central NY

Posted on Aug 15 2018 - 8:03pm by Jeff Pexton

New Hartford, NY   – Dedicated, never says no, genuine, selfless, fair, honest, energetic and hard working are just some of the words in the numerous letters we received to describe our latest New York State Corrections Officers Police Benevolent Association – Volunteer Spotlight Award winner, Mr. Chris Moran of New Hartford.

For the past 17 years, Chris Moran has worn about as many hats, besides of course those of Husband, to his Wife, Michele and Father, to his sons, Cullen and Tyler.  You see, the Moran’s have shared their Dad and Husband with countless kids and numerous organizations and schools in the Town of New Hartford and beyond, all as a volunteer and all for one purpose; developing kids into the best adults they can be, through sports.

Since around 2001, if you’ve been around the New Hartford Little League Field, Joe Corr Memorial Field, or The New Hartford Recreation Center, chances are you’ve seen Chris. Sure, you remember him, he’s the big guy with the NY Rangers hat on, wearing the constant smile and he’s usually saying the word “yes”.

What exactly has he been saying yes to all these years? How about accepting and holding positions in the New Hartford Little League from concession attendant, groundskeeper (never, ever step on his chalk lines) to opening day parade organizer, to President. “Chris is such a valuable asset to New Hartford Baseball” Current NH Little League President John Randall told MYSR, adding “He is always there, when nobody else can be”.


2018 New Hartford Spartans Varsity Baseball – Coach Chris Moran Top Left.


Coaching baseball has definitely been a priority for Chris, who has also held titles as Modified Coach, JV Coach and Varsity Assistant Coach, in New Hartford since 2012. Kevin Green, New Hartford’s Varsity Baseball Coach explained what Coach Moran has meant to the Spartans so far; “Chris has consistently given every student-athlete a fair opportunity to succeed by demonstrating a positive approach to teaching more than just baseball.  Coach Moran has a work ethic that is infectious to the kids, they are so lucky to call him Coach!”

Coach Moran is no stranger to the American Legion ranks either, coaching both of his sons there as well. “Chris is a guy who never looks for a pat on the back, much less a thank you, from anyone, for all that he has done at every level of baseball in New Hartford” New Hartford Post 1376 Manager Doug Owen said of his friend and colleague. “I know that I speak for myself and all of our players when I say I can never thank Chris enough for all of his time and dedication”.


Chris Moran surveys the field during a 2018 New Hartford Post 1376 American Legion Baseball Game.


Well before the snow has fallen, sometimes during the middle of baseball season, it’s no big secret that Chris Moran has had a hand, or two, in getting youth hockey up on its skates, season after season, for more than 20 years. Chris’s dedication to kids in our area doesn’t know any boundaries either, as he’s coached hockey teams in Whitestown and beyond, when his own boys weren’t even on the team, just so other kids could have a chance to play. Longtime coach, former standout player and friend Bill Gall described Chris Moran as being an “Instrumental” volunteer who goes about his work for kids with “Class and Humility” adding ” I would like to thank Chris, his wife Michele, and his boys Cullen and Tyler for the time, dedication, and commitment they have made to New Hartford youth sports”.

Former New Hartford Varsity Hockey Head Coach John Cunningham was quick to weigh in on what Chris Moran has meant to all levels of hockey in New Hartford as well explaining “Chris Moran has not only been a truly dedicated volunteer for New Hartford Youth Hockey, but for New Hartford High School hockey and the New Hartford Recreation Center as well. He is the one person you can count on to finish his “job”, whatever it may be for the organization and you can be sure it was done right. He is accountable, honest and humble everyday, with his job, his coaching, and especially his volunteering projects. I can’t imagine where we all would be, if not for the help Chris brings to us all in New Hartford Hockey. Thank you Chris for all you provide the players, parents and administrators in the many volunteering projects you undertake. Also, thanks to his family for sharing there time with him, so we all can have better programs for our kids in New Hartford”.

With both Cullen Moran in college and Tyler, a 2018 New Hartford graduate heading to college later this month, Chris’s Wife, Michele was sort of hoping this would be a time where she would see a little more of her Husband, away from the Rec Center and the ball fields. Michele herself has worked very hard in many capacities in all of the organizations Chris has been involved in, from the early days of organizing Little League in Brookfield and AYSO Soccer events in New Hartford, all the way through Varsity Sports. So, is it time for Michele and Chris to spend some more quality time together? During a recent conversation between the two of them, the answer to that question was pretty simple, when Chris asked Michele, even though the boys aren’t playing here anymore, “You’re going to still come watch me coach, right?”

On behalf of the more than 30,000 members of the New York State Corrections Officer Police Benevolent Assocation and The Mid-York Sports Report, Congratulations to Chris Moran on being selected as our newest NYSCOPBA – Volunteer Spotlight Award Winner! We thank you for your valuable time and dedication to the young people of Central New York!


If you know of an individual who acts as a “career volunteer” for your organization, please drop us an email nominating that person and we’ll do the rest!